*Deidre's Resource Base - with a focus on ICT integration*

Inquiry Resources and links here.

Inquiring Mind - Jan-Maree Kellow's site. Jan-Maree was recently an e-fellow. This site has a wealth of information - all in a NZ context.
'How to' (youth learn)
Concept to Classroom - inquiry based learning
Kath Murdoch - Tasmania University
The 'Inquiry Page'
Gallilleo- a Huge resource site of professional support
Inquiry Design Map

synergy's Connect resource - focussed on Inquiry - pdf available fro download at the bottom of the page.
Thoughts, Views and Strategies for th k-5 classroom - downloadable document
A cluster wiki based on inquiry - ictinfusedinquiry2
Learning Begins with Questions

Links to Info Literacy sites
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