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2009 Ministry of Education E-Fellow
E-fellow project outline
E-fellow reflections in action - on my blog
2008 Microsoft New Zealand Partners in Learning
Innovative Teacher Award

I am forever adding to my wiki - it is a resource place for me to access and share. Hopefully there is something of use for you here.
I have just added a new link to the left - E-fellow 2009 - this will be a page where I will share the resources and readings from my e-fellow project.

Check out my blog here.

(For those of you who have 'stumbled' over my site - I was an ICTPD facilitator for 13 schools in little old NZ. The purpose of this site was to allow a range of people to access links to sites that may be of use to them in the classroom (or out of the classroom for that matter) as well as for Professional learning. I am now the DP at Oamaru Intermediate and am working at keeping my wiki up to date!! - Deidre Senior)

How do we reach our 21st Century Learners? What do we need to consider in our classrooms?

Some things to ponder
Group Presentation from KL - Asia Pacific Innovative Teachers' Forum - KL May 2009
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