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What do you think of this statement by Chris Betcher (via Derek Wenmoth's Blog)
Chris Betcher is all fired up on his "BetchaBlog" with a recent post titled "Enough Excuses". He finishes his post with the following:

...it's time for those teachers who have not accepted ICTs to shift or get off the pot. I'm tired of accepting excuses. Technology is, and will continue to be, an absolutely integral part of the lives our students will lead. The work we are doing in our classrooms to prepare them for this future must contain a significant amount of access to, and understanding of, this technology or we are failing them as teachers. To be a technologically illiterate teacher in the 21st century is unacceptable, unethical and unprofessional. To hold students back from using the tools that they need to be literate for the 21st century is, quite frankly, immoral.
Seriously, if becoming technologically literate is too hard, or you don't think it's "your cup of tea", then get out now. Quit. Let someone else take over and do the incredibly important work of educating our young people using the tools they deserve.

As teachers we need to be up to speed don't we - this of course supports a favourite quote of mine from Roosevelt
"We cannot prepare the future for our youth - but we can prepare our youth for the future" - computers are already a big part of the lives of our youth - we need it to be part of the lives of our teachers too!
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