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This page is set up for the ICT Lead Teacher's Day on October 30th 2007 and can be used as a resource page after this.

What is podcasting?
"Podcasting is internet radio. The files are obtained from the web, but can be listened to offline. With TIVO and other Digital Video Recorders available for TV, Podcasting is THE best solution for radio on demand. You can listen to programs on YOUR schedule. If you want to pause a show, you can do that. If you want to rewind or fast forward a show, you can do it. It's programming that fits YOUR needs! " [Ref:www.podcastblaster.com]
Google Definition
Wikipedia resource base
A report on the use of Podcasting to promote reading. A quick read.

Examples of Podcasting from schools
Point England - One of the leaders in podcasting in NZ schools. In this school podcasting is used to enhance the reading programme with the sharing of book reviews.
Allanah King - Another leader - have a look to see what this teacher of Yr 4 & 5s is doing with these children in her Nelson classroom.
Jane Nicolls - This is Jane's e-fellow project for 2007 so there is a huge depth of information here.
Hills Cluster in Dunedin are exploring Podcasts. Check out Ian Cook-Bonney's site.
Podcasting in Junior Classes - A link on Jill Hammonds page - check out the Showcase and the Teacher Tube videos here.

Educational podcasting resources
Allanah King's Podcasting Wiki - A one stop resource for 'how to podcast' along with what and why. This includes examples of the different types of podcasts (including vodcasts) and even includes PDF files for WALTS and a template to use.
Allanah's Posts on her Blog - specific to podcasting
Educational Podcasts from overseas
Podcast Directory for Schools - overseas
More Resources and examples of uses from Age 5

Podcasting sites
Podcasting news
Radio NZ Podcasts
Podomatic - Upload your podcasts here.

Podcasting Software
Software that can be used links here
(Remember that you can use Audacity to record your podcast.)
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