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Free Downloadable Programmes to Explore: (Some of my favourites!)

Audacity: Free Sound Editor and Recording Software
Audacity: Free Sound Editor and Recording Software



Download Photo Story 3
Download Photo Story 3


(You will also have to download Media Player 10)

Comic Life
Your Life in a Comic!
Your Life in a Comic!

Download Scratch 1.4
Download Scratch 1.4


A great wee 'free' animation programme that comes with wonderful support material for teachers and classes.
Some examples of the support material for Scratch include:
Concepts of Programming covered in Scratch

Scratch in 15 minutes. A great activity for teachers to begin to 'play' with - the kids will pick it up much quicker than you - and won't need this outline! http://scratched.media.mit.edu/sites/default/files/f4787968_0.png

Scratch resources - Print, laminate and use!

And some interesting pdfs to read!

Gaming with Scratch

One that I haven't checked out yet - but will with a bit more time is:

For plenty of free downloadable programmes for use in your class please refer to this section (Free Downloads) of the AVRACS website (please note you need to be logged into the website to access this)
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